The Mystery of a Disfiguring Rash Gets Solved

A Case Study with a Surprising Twist

The Mystery of a Disfiguring Rash Gets Solved

As a Functional Medicine practitioner, I work with many people with different types of severe skin issues. By the time they see me, they’ve already tried topicals like a steroid cream, and they’ve already been to a dermatologist – or several. At best, they’ve gotten temporary relief.

How am I able to offer any help when a dermatologist can’t?  Because a skin problem isn’t always a skin problem.

Whether you have perioral dermatitis, rosacea, or something else like eczema, vitiligo, or psoriasis, your skin is a warning light telling you that something is going wrong deeper in your body. If you can find what that root problem is and heal it, your skin clears up. All without treating your skin.

Julie’s Story 
Julie (name changed for privacy) was experiencing red, pus-filled bumps and peeling skin all over her face, especially around her mouth. Her lips and cheeks were also really swollen.

She is a young mom and a fitness coach who has a lot of good things going on in her life. But with this flare up of her face that lasted a few months, she was embarrassed to leave her house or let anyone see her. She was worried, scared and discouraged.

“What if it doesn’t go away? What if it gets worse? How can I work looking like this?”

Julie’s dermatologist diagnosed her with severe perioral dermatitis and rosacea and recommended the same treatments all dermatologists offer. Nothing the dermatologist prescribed helped.

Not ready to give up, she came to see me about the skin problems on her face.  We came up with a plan for healing that had nothing to do with her face. Happily, within 6 weeks, she looked and felt great!

Why is that?
The root problem in Julie’s case was her gut, not her skin. She had trouble digesting foods well, so we used some specific supplements to help her digestion. Julie also had several food sensitivities, so I helped her change her diet. That calmed down the inflammation in her system and also dramatically improved her digestion.

As her gut healed, her face looked better.

Julie’s experience is a great example of how your skin is connected to deeper systems and how you can’t always just treat the skin.

If this sounds like you, don’t wait. Please work with me to discover what underlying roots might be driving your skin problems. I work with people all over the US, so location doesn’t matter. If you have a phone or a computer with a video camera, you can meet with me. Schedule an appointment by calling my office or going to my website. I can’t wait to meet with you and figure out where your skin problems are coming from.


Photo: Kevin Morris