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Sufferers finally have a therapy that is providing relief! Your symptoms are not something you have to live with – Find relief by first having a 10-minute chat with our in-office staff!

Functional therapy

Are you experiencing any
of these symptoms?




Impaired Memory or Brain Fog


Thinning Hair


Unexplained Weight Gain


Medications not helping



If you answered YES to any of the above, then there’s no need for you to continue to suffer with your symptoms!

We focus on identifying and addressing the underlying cause of your fatigue rather than just suppressing the symptoms.

Functional therapy

Hear about our strategies which can help manage/reduce your fatigue symptoms! Our unique approach will determine how we can help you improve and optimize your health!

Our Philosophy:

New Leaf’s manifesto for achieving and sustaining great health:

Designed to be healthy

Our bodies are designed to be healthy. When they are not, there is a reason. Provide the right care and environment, and that reason will resolve itself.

Food is the foundation

There is no pill, procedure, or exercise that can overcome a bad diet. Humans are designed to eat real food. We get sick when we eat man-made, processed food.

In case of emergency

Drugs and surgery can save your life. Use them in emergencies.

Daily dose

Real food, supplements, exercise, chiropractic, acupuncture, and other types of natural health care can restore your health. Use them daily.

Being healthy requires effort

Maintenance and prevention are more pleasant than illness and intervention. Given the toxins in our food, air, water and soil and the stressful way we live today, health is no longer by chance. Health takes intention and effort.

We look at Fatigue Sufferers with a Unique Perspective!

The cost of this condition is in the billions.  From lost productivity to miserable quality of life, this condition can cripple an individual and their family.  More and more Americans are reporting to doctors with fatigue ranging from “being a slow starter” to “complete exhaustion”. Fatigue can affect both men and women at any age.  There may be certain life events that can trigger fatigue such as extreme stress, a virus or hormonal imbalances. We look at it all.

“First I’d like to say, “Thank you Dr. Trites.” You’ve been an inspiration and the health program has given me new hope in life. I wasn’t even a patient of Dr. Trites but one of my friends told me I needed to see this guy who’d help me get things turned around with his help.”

Donna O., Patient

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