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Dr. Alan Trites

Dr. Alan Trites

For more than 15 years, Dr. Alan Trites has effectively helped many patients who are seeking answers for better health. Dr. Trites is different from most chiropractors because of how every individual treatment plan is created. First, he uses a detailed case history that is completed prior to the initial visit. The information gathered ranges from family history, environmental, lifestyle, previous treatments, test results and genetics. He then formulates a series of questions to be asked during the first visit to gain an understanding of your complex case. He combines your information with a physical examination and uses these findings to order or perform other in-office tests and confirmatory tests via neurological, laboratory, and other diagnostic methods.

Dr. Trites has a diverse background in pathology, MT(ASCP) CLS(NCA) as well as earning a unique diplomat status as a chiropractic internist (DABCI). He is a member of the Gluten Society of America. He is board eligible for diplomat status from both the American Chiropractic counsel of nutrition and the American board of clinical nutrition. Furthermore, he is completing his certification in genetic-based nutrition. Dr. Trites understands many medical procedures and wants his patients to be informed on what a test is utilized for, how it will help the doctor diagnose issues and what other tests could be utilized for better results.

Dr. Trites’ combination of chiropractic and medical knowledge gives him a unique perspective on how to help his patients achieve optimum health. To assure his patients are getting the most recent and sound advice, he completed his post-graduate certification through the American Board of Chiropractic Internists in 2006, a certification roughly only 500 of 70,000 U.S. chiropractors have obtained. He also holds certifications in Functional Medicine, family practice, acupuncture and may be one of a few chiropractors to hold both the American Board of Chiropractic Internists Diplomat and the Clinical Laboratory Scientist through the American Board of Clinical Pathologists.

Treatment options are science-based and include nutritional, soft tissue and muscle corrections to support healthy functions. Dr. Trites does not perform traditional chiropractic because for many chronic conditions this is counter-productive. Instead, he focuses on correcting muscle imbalances and increasing blood flow, the basis for functional movement and healing. When chiropractic was founded, there were roughly 5,000 known human diseases. Today, there are more than 30,000. Dr. Trites believes that simply focusing on traditional chiropractic techniques is not enough to support advanced disease conditions.

Testing through functional movement, genetics, and neurological and laboratory tests can unveil disease states missed through traditional chiropractic means and finds pre-disease conditions. Dr. Trites creates individual treatment plans following the first few visits after collecting all the data. Often, lifestyle modifications, dietary changes, exercise, and sometimes supplementation is necessary to improve and stabilize a condition. Dr. Trites uses follow-up tests to track your progress and make necessary changes as you progress in your treatment plan.

Board Certified Chiropractic Internist DABCI — Functional Medicine Practitioner FMU


Board Eligible Genetic Nutrition — Clinical Nutrition — Chiropractic Nutrition