New Patients

What to expect

Your first appointment will be a 30- or 45-minute session during which your doctor will do a thorough review of your health history and learn about your current health concerns. It’s likely your doctor will order some lab tests so that a customized plan can be created for you during a subsequent visit.

Depending on your highest need, the second appointment may be for a lab review or for a structural exam and treatment. The lab review appointment is typically an hour long. During this appointment, your doctor will make recommendations and the two of you will determine the best course of action.

For resolving chronic conditions, most people work closely with Dr. Carpenter or Dr. Gandy for about 6 to 18 months.

We also offer maintenance and preventative care for people who have family histories of things like heart disease, dementia, or cancer and for anyone who wants to have outstanding health throughout their lives.

New Patient Forms

Download new patient forms here

  1. Click above, or here to download our new patient forms.
  2. Print them out and fill in the required information.
  3. Fax your completed forms to 972-829-8638 at least 1 business day before your appointment.
  4. Bring the printed copy to your appointment.