What I Do

I Help People Find Relief from Pain and Suffering

What I do is help people relieve pain and suffering. I’m licensed as a Doctor of Chiropractic, conservative care. The medical world is crisis care. If you don’t fit the medical profile, there’s not much for the medical world to do to help you. For instance, laboratory values are all or none. If a lab test result of five is normal and ten is abnormal, and you are at 9.99, you’re told everything is fine. Really? To me, that’s the equivalent of running your car and not stopping for gas even though the low gas light is on and the tach is on zero. Sure, you’re running, but not for much longer.

How many people go to an acupuncturist, chiropractor, massage therapist, or functional medicine doctor when they feel great? Maybe a few, to stay feeling great, but that’s usually not the case. In general, people seek care when something obvious is wrong such as a raging infection, an ongoing area of pain, or a sprained ankle. This isn’t preventative care; it’s reactive care to a known condition. We often have to address a crisis first—and then get to the why so we can prevent reoccurring issues  

I focus on identifying and correcting underlying causes of your conditions, the root cause, rather than masking symptoms. If you didn’t know, there’s solid research that shows finding or defining symptoms only accounts for about 10% of the problem. That could be a little hard to comprehend, but let me explain further. How many people feel well or just a little down only to find out they have a blockage, cancer, disease, or death? Inflammation is unregulated because there is a disease process, but only about 10% of patients show symptoms. It is for these reasons you need to see someone able to test you mechanically, functionally, and chemically to help find and develop a plan to reverse your inflammatory processes.

Be well,

Dr. Trites